Brian Eno
Music For Airports 

Chedoke Falls

Never gets old 

Don’t think I could manage being a bigger loser. I can’t get anything straight the first time around.

Mega Dick needs to get the trillions of dicks out of his ears.

Fuck you Mega Dick. Go fuck a trillion ear dicks with your band of merry dicks, you Mega-fucking-Dick.

Horse Feathers 
Curs in the Weeds 

Make Quesadillas in Heels.

It truly does work the gluteus maximus! 

early morning shark

My brain thinks bomb like.
So I listen, he’s the calm type.

Get inside the mouth. 


ladies love the sharks mouth

gooooddbye, blueee skies  

If anyone was curious, running sucked dick.

Get out of bed a go running. Get out of bed and god running. Get out of bed and go running. Get out of bed and go running.