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An unfortunate public bathroom mirror pic.

The perpetual and redundant fear of failing at absolutely anything you try. 

pop art did not happen D:

Work meeting went late because of some fucked up employees fucked up mother screaming at my boss about her daughters lack of hours for about 6 days. 

Do your selves a favour and make sure your mothers NEVER call in for you to work.  Waste of my damn time.

August 1st 2012

Today was one of those days where you’re bank wont offer a large spending limit on your visit cause your boss wont give you set hours, cause she doesn’t want to pay you what key holders are entitled to and your tile is missing 20 bucks and your new drivers license gets lost in the mail and your temp is expired tonight, so you’ll be driving with out a license for two days-WHOA. 

What a grand day, what a grand, grand day.  

getting ready for work, eating  bitchin’ sandwiches, watching mum try to hook me up with some bangin’ engineers who are making my stairs. 
Good times at the McPhad res.  

Albion falls, on many different occasions with my pup, Bentley


Asking my dad if he still loves me even though I sewed out shower curtains like an asshole.

3 hours of work was thug as FUCK. 

Excuse me. But this is mine, young lady. You just completely ripped me off.

I like breakfast food and sweater weather. Long hair, short hair. Loose tank tops and weird eyes. I like the smell of dirt and rain. And turtles. Turtles are great, too. I like the color red, I like the color green. Grass, giraffes, and red heads. Water. Creeks, streams, the ocean, lakes, ponds….

This was not you. 
This was me.
It was silly of you to tag sharks in this as well.
Though I’m flattered you clearly feel close to this piece of writing,
you did not write it. I would appreciate the credit. That’s what reblogging is for, dear. 

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Back when I may have been interesting.

Back when I may have been interesting.


Still couldn’t give a fuck about how ripped my jeans get

Still couldn’t give a fuck about how ripped my jeans get